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Dr. Hugh Willbourn

Hugh is a philosopher, therapist, negotiator, qualitative researcher, author, storyteller, director and teacher.  

He has successfully led over a hundred workshops in negotiation, qualitative research, therapeutic transformation, effective presentation skills, practical philosophy and authentic storytelling.

​In 1997 he gained a PhD in Philosophy  from City University, London.

He is the author of:

I can mend your broken heart, with Paul McKenna, Bantam, London 2003

Agree to Win, Essential Steps to negotiate in your work and Life, BBC Books, London, 2004 


He is the collaborator and editor with Paul McKenna of best-selling series of self-help books in UK and USA including:

I can make you Sleep                          2009

I can make you Happy                        2011

The Hypnotic Gastric Band                 2013

Freedom from Emotional Eating        2014

Instant Influence and Charisma          2015

Get Control of Sugar Now                   2016

The Seven Things that Make or Break a Relationship,  2020.


In 1999 Hugh co-founded Corr Willbourn Research and Development, a qualitative market research business which gained an excellent reputation for solving challenging projects and developing innovative research methods. The client list included Virgin, Shell, Diageo, Novartis and many UK Government departments including the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the Department of Health, The Department for Education.

For links to CWR&D work in the public domain click here.

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Lea Lechtenberg

Lea Lechtenberg was born in Vreden  a small town in the west of Germany. When she was 18, she moved to Munich to study Trade and Commerce and worked in luxury fashion company Ludwig Beck.

At the age of 21, still a trainee herself, she was promoted to the personnel development department to hire, co-lead and train around 50 colleagues, trainees and interns. As her passion and interest  deepened, she was invited to attend internal leadership programs to professionalize her skills. 

After finishing the internal programs at the age of 24, she decided to join a 3-year educational training in systemic training and coaching for leaders and business owners with IFW Munich (transl.: Institute of Education) ( sponsored by Ludwig Beck. 

At the same time, she developed internal management programs and executed monthly trainings for high potential leaders. After finishing the training she studied psychology and economics at FOM university in Munich.

Seeking greater challenges, she left at the age of 27 and  moved to the Vietnamese island of  Phu Quoc and opened her own business ( with 3 shops, online sales channel and 8 employees. In 2021, at the age of 31, she started the training company “The Power House” together with Dr. Hugh Willbourn in Ho Chi Minh City, where she lived before she moved back to Germany late in 2021.

Now she supports companies in various HR challenges. From executive trainings to value-oriented HR marketing to basic trainings for new HR development employees.  

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