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Storytelling The Power House Class
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Storytelling (for Business)

8-weeks of developing your voice & skills to tell stories

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Service Description

(Online and Offline available) Storytelling is the single most powerful means of human communication and most of us, most of the time use just a tiny fraction of its power. Storytelling is like dancing: everyone can do it, but most people do it badly because they don’t realise how much better they become with expert instruction. In business, storytelling will win you investors, sell your products and energise your staff. In all parts of your life storytelling creates community, education, compassion, connection, memory, insight and inspiration. Stories convey truths that are beyond the reach of science and philosophy. When you learn to tell a story you touch the centre of your listeners. You can transform all your relationships – in business, in your family and amongst your friends. In these days of Netflix, Zoom and Facebook, oral storytelling is a magical, almost forgotten art. Learn with The Power House to tell strong, memorable, life-changing stories. Over six weeks of personal guidance, instruction and practice you will develop your voice and skills to tell stories in settings from fireside to Hollywood.

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