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There are millions of courses on the internet. All the information you could ever need is out there. So how come we are not all super rich, super confident and super successful?  

The problem is not a lack of knowledge, it is a lack of understanding.


Real understanding allows you to transform challenging emotions into energy and accomplishment.  

At the Power House we combine psychological tools, philosophical insights and emotional knowledge with hands-on practice and real world experience to master practical skills for business and life. 


We offer a supportive atmosphere where you can build trust with honest feedback to improve your well-being, deepen your understanding and rise to the challenges of your career, your love life, your friendships and your family.

We welcome you to THE POWER HOUSE!

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What our participants say

Amelie Maas The Power House


It was especially nice during lock down to have someone giving constructive feedback on the crazy thoughts all of us had instead of just circling them over and over in the head. Like this it was possible to work with them rather than just getting more and more confused

Abby The Power House


This course did enable me to not only find direction for my life but really get in touch with how I was feeling. Along with this, I've met some amazing people, connection I will have for life.

I can't recommend this course enough. I will definitely do another one very soon. Thank you to The Power House Team!

Trang Uy 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Today I joined “ How to negotiate to the top” event with the Founders Lea Lechtenberg and Dr. Hugh Willbourn.

This is such amazing experience and I wish to join more sessions to upgrade my personal skill to be successful in my personal growth. Thank you

"Finally got around to listening to some of the Power House podcasts and reading a couple of article on the blog today. Love it!"

"I really enjoy the marrying up of storytelling and philosophy with psychotherapy. It brings it all to life in such a useful and accessible way. Shall listen to/read more :-)"

"Its also inspiring me to do a lot more reading (well, listening). I tend to go for audiobooks/talks as I'm always on the move these days!"

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